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Clear Bra/Window Tint for Paint & Interior Protection

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What We Do

Window Tint

We are experts in window film from automotive window tinting to residential and commercial window films. We provide solar protection solutions in color stable and ceramic window tint for automotive applications and a range of finishes from reflective film to frosted and one way mirror finishes. To view color samples or more info contact us.

Clear Bra Paint Protection

Protect your new vehicle's new paint job with one of our paint protection packages. We install clear bra film on the high impact areas of vehicles to protect from scratches, paint chips, bug marks, bird droppings, road salt, and rust. Self healing technology provides an optically clear, swirl free finish without adding any orange peel effects. Clear Bra rock chip guard can be used on automobiles, motorcycles, ATV'S, UTV'S, RV'S, and almost any painted surface. Don't let road hazards stop you from cruising in your dream car. Let us protect your paint today!

Automotive Restyling

Set yourself apart from the crowd with one of our many restyling options. We do tinted headlights, tail lights, and foglights. We also offer Vinyl Graphics, Racing Stripes, Camouflage Vinyl, Color Change Vinyl, Vinyl Decals, Chrome Deletes, and Business Signage  All of our vinyl restyling graphics are made of 3M and Avery Dennison wrap grade vinyl. We offer LED lights for Interior and Exterior applications from light bulbs to light bars. For those of you who use your vehicles for work we offer stylish seat covers in a variety of colors and textures. Increase your vehicle resale value while adding a custom look with our tough car seat covers. Contact me for your custom needs.

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